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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This is a very appropriate subject for us as we do currently live in a non-nudist neighborhood and have this happen quite often.  Our answer to the question is that we have a sign hanging outside our front door stating this is a nudist household and if you are ok with that ring the doorbell one way, if not ring it the other way… makes confusion and embarrassment a non-issue. We actually bought a "Nudist Zone" sign from
Nudist Zone sign by our front door  and put our own sticker on it saying, "Ring doorbell twice quickly if your comfortable with nudism and we won't bother getting dressed".

The downside to this is if someone is worried that they are ringing it wrong it can be a major issue for them.  We had someone come by who was afraid of ringing it wrong so drove a couple of blocks away and called us. That's when we added "Ring twice quickly" to help ease their concerns.

On the other side of the coin, many Postal employees/ mail carriers are totally cool with nudism and have let us know that it isn’t a problem.  These are mostly women who let us know, in some unusual ways.

I was sweeping our front porch at one house when the delivery person pulled into our yard, we had a drive around driveway totally private so the only way someone could tell we were nude was to drive into the yard.  This letter carrier saw me grab a wrap to cover up and went on to tell me it was no issue as she was a “country kid” basically and was not offended.  Another letter carrier was disappointed when we didn’t answer the door nude as she had thought that would be an interesting story for her co-workers.

At Halloween some of our neighbors walking their children around trick-or-treating were fascinated by our nudism sign and giggled when they told us they weren’t offended- in fact were pleased that we were so open about being nudists. 

I do alterations as a side business and many times customers come in and so open to nudism they are open to trying on clothing items without being so shy as to need to go to a closed room.  A short time ago an elderly man came in to have some pants shortened and just dropped his drawers saying, if you are nudists why should I worry.  I love this attitude and glad its such a non-issue to many people.

I know there are some nudists who chose to answer the door nude to 'scare away' those they don't want at their door such as the door to door religious groups.  We don't do this, but instead we just don't answer the door.  But then again, we have very few of those people knocking on our door.  Answering the door naked is a little risky, legally, as you may show yourself to someone outside of your home, and that is a very touchy subject.  We know from experience that even if you are inside your home, and someone can see you naked through some very small slats in your blinds, that they can call the police, and the police could arrest you.  You might win, but it's really not worth it when we can just not answer the door.

So we are careful about answering the door naked, and we do take care to not let others walking by, across the street, etc, to see us.  But in several years of doing this, not one person has been offended if they rang the doorbell twice.  

We'll tell that whole story in another post soon.


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Friday, December 6, 2013

Brrrr, What's a Nudist to do in the winter?

Carla watering flowers nude in backyardWell I'm actually sad to say that winter is officially on us here in Colorado which signals the definite end of outdoor nudism in our area.  It's only early December and already there's a foot of snow outside and it's dipping below zero.  Man is it cold for this time of year.  I'm sure a lot of you are feeling this cold front too as it's hitting a lot of the US.

So what's a nudist to do in the winter?  Well, obviously those of us in the cold belt are pretty much limited to indoor nudism.  And if we can afford it, we'll crank the heat up to about 74 degrees and be able to be nude indoors, most of the time.  But there's times when you still feel that cool draft off the windows and such and just have to slip on a nightshirt or something.  So needless to say, winter is NOT my favorite time of year and I grow to dislike the cold and snow more and more every year.

But we can still get together with other nudist friends for game nights, movie nights, potluck dinners, etc.  And those are fun for sure.  But for a nudist, there's nothing like getting outside to soak up the sun and get that all natural vitamin D thing going.  Other than that, there's no nude camping, hiking, backyard barbeques, soaking up the sun, naked gardening, mowing the lawn nude.... well you get it, Nothing outdoors for us.

terra cotta inn entrance
The Terra Cotta Inn entrance

The terra cotta inn swimming pool
Terra Cotta Inn swimming pool
Tom & Mary Clare, owners of the Terra Cotta Inn
Tom & Mary Clare
So our choices are pretty much limited to waiting for summer again, or traveling somewhere warm such as the Terra Cotta Inn Nude Sunbathing resort and spa located in Palm Springs, California the sunniest city in the US. This little nudist resort is run by Tom and Mary Clare.  They decided to open the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs due to the very high number of days of sunshine per year and the minimal amount of rain making this the perfect destination to get away in the winter, or any time of the year for that matter.  But it's one of the few nudist resorts to vacation at in the US that has so many sunny days year round.  With weather like that you can be assured of a vacation that is not marred by rain, cloudy days or hurricanes and such that you might encounter at other locations. While we've yet to vacation there, we do have them on our list of places to visit.  One of the primary reasons for not visiting for us is the lack of any travel money, lol.  But if you can afford to travel, give these guys a look, and check out your airfare below.

In an ideal world, a lot of us would choose to snowbird, and many do.  Snowbirding is when someone who lives someone cold in the winter temporarily moves to a warmer locale for the winter, then back home in the warmer months.  We live in Colorado and I do love the mountains, but I think sometimes that I'd love to be able to snowbird somewhere like Pasco County Florida.  Pasco County Florida is considered to be the Nudist Capital of the US with over 150,000 nudists living in this one county.  There are several nudist communities in the area where we could live full time as nudists, even walking around the neighborhood nude if we felt like it.  But for now, that's just a thought.  We are considering moving there, but are still investigating the idea.

So if you live in a cold location, hold on, spring will return, I promise.  We will get to go outdoors and enjoy mother nature as intended, without the encumbrance of clothes and to soak up that sun and vitamin D again.

Until then, stay warm and be happy.

Guy & Carla Purcella

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

We'll be featured in a Naturist Article for local University

Hey all, this is Guy.  Since we are so out there and open about our nudist lifestyle we sometimes get contacted by media wanting to do a story about nudists, or just different lifestyles and so they sometimes find us.  Well recently a young girl from the local college found us on craigslist advertising for new nudist members for our group and contacted us about doing an article about our lifestyle.  After finding out she intended to do a factual article about us, and not a  sensationalized story, we agreed.

So she came out a few weeks ago and we spoke for about an hour about all the usual questions such
as why we do it, how we got into it, how long, etc.  The interview went well so we feel it will be a good article overall.  She has take some photos of us in the backyard to use in the story so those should appear also, but of course with the usual blurring of areas that you would expect in a public magazine.  So we'll wait to see how it comes out and report back to you.

We are very open to talking to the media about our lifestyle as we feel more of us need to come out of the closet about our nudism in order for it to ever be accepted as normal and not some hush hush perverted thing that only weirdos do.  So if any other media wishes to contact us, we are open to it.

On that not we have also applied to be part of a Nat Geo show about lifestyles and have been interviewed twice now but haven't heard yay or nay on that one yet so still waiting.  If we are on that show it will be similar to the one we just did, but on a national level and on TV.  It's supposed to be showcasing different lifestyles across the US and again not in a sensational way so we agreed to be interviewed.

We've been on  TV 4 times before when we hosted World Naked Gardening day a few years ago so are no strangers to it.  I can't remember if we posted about that before, but if not, one of us will cover that soon.

Well that's it for now.  Hope you are somewhere warm this winter and can still enjoy your nudist lifestyle.  We will be shivering here in Colorado and waiting for summer once again.

Take care,
Guy Purcella

Saturday, October 5, 2013

GO BRALESS: Great article for when you have to wear clothes

Since we can't always be nude, and sometimes must wear clothes, at least women can go braless, if they get over the hype that you somehow Need a bra.  Please read this article by a fellow blogger, and try it for a month, you'll be hooked, or should we say, 'un' hooked.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween costumes for Nudists?

With Halloween coming up, I had to post this one because Halloween costumes and nudism sound like they don't go together, so nudists must not have Halloween parties, right?  Wrong.  Even nudists can have Halloween parties, but they just have more liberties than the textile crowd does.  I mean, if a woman wants to wear clothing that is totally see through, no problem with nudists because we don't care.  Same for a guy, we can wear a costume that might expose our genitals, but no one will care.

Heck, you could even go as an angel with just a halo because my idea of heaven is a place where we NEVER have to wear clothes again.  So a nudist with a halo makes the most sense to me, lol.

man and woman as flapper girls
Guy & Carla as Flapper Girls
That's not to say that it should be the theme of our parties, exposing ourselves in costume.  But if it happens in our groups, we just don't care.  So we can have a little more liberty when choosing a costume.

And for Carla and I, we love Halloween because we like to play make believe and dress up in some costumes that tend to get attention, like the one on the right which we wore to a bar and won 1st place in their contest.

Or the one to the left, which was worn to a private party where we won prizes for our costumes that night too.

Anyway, yes, nudists can have Halloween parties, and if the costumes starts getting annoying later in the night, just take it off.  Which is what often happens at nudists Halloween parties because we love being without clothes so much and are just so much more comfortable.

If you need a source for Halloween costumes, and don't want to try putting one together yourself, consider online.  You can often find some great sales and save big on your costumes.  There is a sign up box on the right side of this blog where you can sign up for a newsletter that will send out regular emails with discounts, specials, and coupons that you would have a hard time finding yourself because this is for EIGHT of the biggest online costume vendors like Spirit Halloween,, and more.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our new rental, with PRIVACY

My wife writes most of these posts, but this one is from Guy, the husband.

If you saw our recent post, we had to move again, to a new rental.  And one of our requirements when we move is to find a place with decent privacy where we can at least be nude in our backyard.  Well, we found a really nice place that fit our needs for now.   The photo below shows a panoramic view of the backyard.

Sure, we could move somewhere without the privacy and just deal with it, but that to me would feel like taking away part of who I am.  I LOVE being able to come home and just get out of my clothes right away.  And I like doing things in the backyard, so it's important to my happiness to be able to be nude when I want to around the house.  I still can't be nude out front, but that I can live with.
working nude in the backyard
Previous house, Carla working nude in the backyard

So far I've moved the lawn nude, worked on our compost pile nude, hung out with friends in that gazebo in the pic and more.  If you're a nudist, why give up that right to be nude in your own backyard.  I would do anything to have the privacy, but I'm sure that for some of you it's not as important, so to each his own.  But I just love being outside, and without clothes is the ultimate.

Time to go water the lawn, so until next time.....

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Wow, I’ve heard this before and the answer is simple, the same as any other friends.  
A pool party with some of our nudist friends
We have cookouts.  And movie nights.  And play cards or games.  We sit and visit.  We hot tub. We had a nude wedding.  We swim, go camping, picnics, just about anything you can do with clothing you can do nude… other than go to many public places which is
something we’d like to change but not sure that will happen any time soon.

Guy nude at our pool party
Guy at a nude pool party
Our naturist group has been working on plans for FAMILY friendly events that are not much different than textile families, other than the fact that we are considerate of others and always carry a towel to sit on. 
We are working on plans for camping, floating the river, having cookouts and more.
Playing horseshoes nude with friends
Naked horseshoe game at our house
Naked pool party
One of our nude pool parties

Guy & Carla camping at a nudist resort in Colorado
 Its a lifestyle choice, we choose to be comfortable with our bodies and enjoy nature without restrictions of clothes.  We've been to a
nudist resort where there were people ranging from little kids - babies almost, up to elderly people with oxygen tanks and walkers and wheelchairs.  ALL ARE WELCOME IN THE NUDIST WORLD.  We don't care if you have a six pack or spare tire... you just have to be comfortable with who you are and not worried about the labels on your clothing.

Monday, August 5, 2013

How can we be naked around others?

I hear so many people commenting on how they “couldn’t go naked around anyone else".  And I'm here to tell you, it’s not as difficult as you might think, and once you try it you will wonder why you waited so long.

Here's some of the reasons we here about why someone could never go nude around others-

 You have to have a great body to be nude around others.  Wrong on so many levels! Most think you have to have this perfect body so they use the reason of 'I'm not in good enough shape to do that'.  But the Wonderful thing about the nudist lifestyle is nudists are Very Non Judgemental and we accept each other just as we are.  Nudist will pay much less attention to your body than those in the textile community.  Look at Guy & I, he is in decent shape and I'm a heavy set woman, but No One Cares what we look like in the nudist community.  We've been at nudists resorts and seen seniors on oxygen, little kids, people with missing limbs, a family of little people, and all other types you can imagine. I know it's hard to believe, but most are afraid when they first try it because they expect everyone to stare at them, and it Doesn't Happen.  People will just come up and greet you as if you were dressed, except they are usually more friendly than at social settings where everyone is clothed.  See we tend to judge each other much more when clothed because the 'clothing makes the man' kind of mindset is most prevalent.  And when you're naked there's no Gucci handbags, or expenses shoes to worry about.  People will just judge you on your personality.   It's a wonderful feeling, so don't worry about what you look like naked, its Very Unimportant!  Many women especially, gain a much better acceptance of their body as is it when around nudists.  It can be very liberating and free you from the embarrassment you've carried for years about your excess weight, scars, or whatever.  Nudists don't care about those things and it's amazingly liberating.

I'm just to shy.  Truth is, a lot of nudists are very shy.  But if you'll just try attending a nudist event once, even if you wear clothes, you'll find that you'll feel comfortable with the idea of undressing around others.  You'll see everyone just relaxing and having fun, with no staring, comments, etc and most people realize that they feel more comfortable with the idea than they thought.  Once you shed your clothes and feel the sun on your entire body, and the breeze, the coolness, etc, you'll be sold.  And most likely, no one will even pay any attention to the fact that you just got naked, because everyone else will be anyway.

I'm afraid family, friends or co workers will find out.  Truth is, if you happen to run into one a nudist event, which is rare, you'll know they are into the same thing and it will be no big deal.  And nudists are very understanding of the need for confidentiality and do go around dropping names about who they hung out with nude or something like that.  So it's highly unlikely they'll find out.  BUT, if they do, it's almost always much worse in your mind than in reality.  We finally came out to all our friends and family a few years ago, and most were fine with it.  Some family, and this is the minority, couldn't understand it and don't want to know about it, but they accept that it's who we are and it's no big deal.  So don't worry about is as no one is likely to know unless you tell them.

I've heard that nudists are just perverts or just into it for the sex.  Or that nudist resorts or groups are unsafe for women.  WRONG AGAIN.  Nudists are very protective of others and most nudist resorts are MUCH safer than a public clothed setting.  Nudists are not even allowed to do anything sexual in a public nudist setting.  If they do at a resort, they will be asked to leave quickly.  You WON'T be hit on, and if you are, you tell the owners and that person will likely be removed if it was done inappropriately.

So if you feel you could never try being naked around others, here's a few suggestions to try it out on a safe level and find out if it might be for you.

Start by spending time nude at home.  Walk around, watch TV, and sleep nude.  Then try walking out
in your back yard or any space that is private where you can feel safe and comfortable.   Maybe you have to go up into the mountains, or find a secluded place to lay out and enjoy the feeling of the sun and breeze on your body and allow it to relax you and soon you will realize that this is the way nature intended.  Not bound in textiles (clothing) that make us uncomfortable and put labels on us. I personally hate designer labels, or any labels. We shouldn’t be defined by how much money we spend on our clothing, but rather what kind of human being we are.

Then join some nudist forums on the internet and do some reading.  There's a lot of them out there, and we'll try to list some in a future post.  And finally, join a local nudist group and spend time getting to know them a little on the forums or via email, then when you're comfortable, meet some of them in a public restaurant or someplace like that.  The next step after that is to attend a function. Don't be afraid, just go, and once you try it you'll wonder why it took you so long.  It's an amazingly liberating experience and you will feel as if a
burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

I hope this helps you understand why we can be naked around others, and why you can too.  Try it, you'll love it.  Then post here how it went for you as we'd love to hear.

Guy & Carla Purcella

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All about our Nude Wedding, featured in a magazine

Being nudists we had the idea of having a nudist wedding, and knowing most of our family and a lot of friends wouldn’t be comfortable with this we decided to have two weddings! One traditional and the other nude. The reaction from our family and friends was mixed.  Some had no problem with it and others were almost horrified at the possibility of being around nude people, OMG, lol.  Other than my daughter no family attended the nudist ceremony but most were fine with it, they just didn't want to see us naked, which wouldn't have bothered us.. 

This was so much fun planning for two weddings.  Guy had never worn a tux before so we did it up nice, black jeans, tux jacket, pink tie/ vest  he looked great!!!  I wore white with a veil.  Yes it was my third wedding but white is for a new start, nothing else. We went with pink shirts for grandkids as our grandsons’ dad is a bit uptight and had told the kids that pink was a girl color and we wanted to show them that its ok and did it in a way that they didn’t have to go against their dad.  And it went with Guy's Pink vest anyway.  We just got them to dress in their pink shirts for our wedding, along with the other grandkids who all had identical pink/white polos and they loved them.  Two of them later wore their pink shirts when starting school that fall.

We had the traditional wedding in our front yard with my son walking me down the aisle and daughter being maid of honor.  All the 5 grandkids were included and they had a blast.  We had about 40 at our wedding, and had a band for dancing.  Both of our mothers were here and that was wonderful. 

I made both the wedding cakes and did the food for both so I was a busy girl which was cool.  All went very well and we had a fantastic day.  

 The next day was even better… we had our nudist wedding in our back yard next to the pool and it was wonderful.  The woman who performed both ceremonies decided to officiate in the nude, which was a first for her, but she enjoyed it.  A close friend walked me down the aisle (nude also) and our daughter was maid of honor and brought a couple of friends with her.  There were about 20-25 at the nude wedding and we all were able to enjoy the pool after.

The reactions from those attending were great since how often do you get the chance to attend a Nude Wedding?  Everyone loved it, and some were well known after that as the 'Guy who attended a nude wedding', lol.  There were really no negative reactions to the whole event so it was very nice overall.  And hey, we got to eat wedding cake twice, lol!  We made a point to get extra messy with the cake the 2nd time and then just jumped in the pool to clean off, which is just another benefit to not wearing clothes.

No one at the nude ceremony was uncomfortable in any way, even the photographer who stayed clothed the whole time. And the photographer is the one who suggested the photo below, which has become one of our favorite, Fun photos. We call it 'The Reception Line', lol.

We were even featured in a magazine called Real People, which is out of the UK, with a story all about our nude wedding. They were searching for a couple who had had a nude wedding to do a story about.  They couldn't find anyone in the UK, but found out about ours somehow and asked us if we'd be willing to be in their magazine with a story about the nude wedding.  We aren't ashamed of our nudist lifestyle so gladly agreed.  The article came out in I believe June of 2013 and although they took liberties with the story to spice it up, it was overall a positive story, so we're happy.

If you've ever considered having a naked wedding, try it.  You may have to have 2 ceremonies like we did to keep everyone happy, but it's worth it.  There's nothing like walking down the isle nude, knowing everyone there is accepting of you just as you are.   And there's much less planning to do for the nude wedding as there's no need for dress selections, shoes, etc.  Ours was very simple, but wonderful.

We weren’t able to go on our honeymoon as the homeowners (we were renting) had gone into foreclosure and we had to start moving right away.  Will talk more about that in another blog post.