Guy & Carla

Guy & Carla
We love the outdoors, but even more so Nude

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Wow, I’ve heard this before and the answer is simple, the same as any other friends.  
A pool party with some of our nudist friends
We have cookouts.  And movie nights.  And play cards or games.  We sit and visit.  We hot tub. We had a nude wedding.  We swim, go camping, picnics, just about anything you can do with clothing you can do nude… other than go to many public places which is
something we’d like to change but not sure that will happen any time soon.

Guy nude at our pool party
Guy at a nude pool party
Our naturist group has been working on plans for FAMILY friendly events that are not much different than textile families, other than the fact that we are considerate of others and always carry a towel to sit on. 
We are working on plans for camping, floating the river, having cookouts and more.
Playing horseshoes nude with friends
Naked horseshoe game at our house
Naked pool party
One of our nude pool parties

Guy & Carla camping at a nudist resort in Colorado
 Its a lifestyle choice, we choose to be comfortable with our bodies and enjoy nature without restrictions of clothes.  We've been to a
nudist resort where there were people ranging from little kids - babies almost, up to elderly people with oxygen tanks and walkers and wheelchairs.  ALL ARE WELCOME IN THE NUDIST WORLD.  We don't care if you have a six pack or spare tire... you just have to be comfortable with who you are and not worried about the labels on your clothing.

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