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Guy & Carla
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All about our Nude Wedding, featured in a magazine

Being nudists we had the idea of having a nudist wedding, and knowing most of our family and a lot of friends wouldn’t be comfortable with this we decided to have two weddings! One traditional and the other nude. The reaction from our family and friends was mixed.  Some had no problem with it and others were almost horrified at the possibility of being around nude people, OMG, lol.  Other than my daughter no family attended the nudist ceremony but most were fine with it, they just didn't want to see us naked, which wouldn't have bothered us.. 

This was so much fun planning for two weddings.  Guy had never worn a tux before so we did it up nice, black jeans, tux jacket, pink tie/ vest  he looked great!!!  I wore white with a veil.  Yes it was my third wedding but white is for a new start, nothing else. We went with pink shirts for grandkids as our grandsons’ dad is a bit uptight and had told the kids that pink was a girl color and we wanted to show them that its ok and did it in a way that they didn’t have to go against their dad.  And it went with Guy's Pink vest anyway.  We just got them to dress in their pink shirts for our wedding, along with the other grandkids who all had identical pink/white polos and they loved them.  Two of them later wore their pink shirts when starting school that fall.

We had the traditional wedding in our front yard with my son walking me down the aisle and daughter being maid of honor.  All the 5 grandkids were included and they had a blast.  We had about 40 at our wedding, and had a band for dancing.  Both of our mothers were here and that was wonderful. 

I made both the wedding cakes and did the food for both so I was a busy girl which was cool.  All went very well and we had a fantastic day.  

 The next day was even better… we had our nudist wedding in our back yard next to the pool and it was wonderful.  The woman who performed both ceremonies decided to officiate in the nude, which was a first for her, but she enjoyed it.  A close friend walked me down the aisle (nude also) and our daughter was maid of honor and brought a couple of friends with her.  There were about 20-25 at the nude wedding and we all were able to enjoy the pool after.

The reactions from those attending were great since how often do you get the chance to attend a Nude Wedding?  Everyone loved it, and some were well known after that as the 'Guy who attended a nude wedding', lol.  There were really no negative reactions to the whole event so it was very nice overall.  And hey, we got to eat wedding cake twice, lol!  We made a point to get extra messy with the cake the 2nd time and then just jumped in the pool to clean off, which is just another benefit to not wearing clothes.

No one at the nude ceremony was uncomfortable in any way, even the photographer who stayed clothed the whole time. And the photographer is the one who suggested the photo below, which has become one of our favorite, Fun photos. We call it 'The Reception Line', lol.

We were even featured in a magazine called Real People, which is out of the UK, with a story all about our nude wedding. They were searching for a couple who had had a nude wedding to do a story about.  They couldn't find anyone in the UK, but found out about ours somehow and asked us if we'd be willing to be in their magazine with a story about the nude wedding.  We aren't ashamed of our nudist lifestyle so gladly agreed.  The article came out in I believe June of 2013 and although they took liberties with the story to spice it up, it was overall a positive story, so we're happy.

If you've ever considered having a naked wedding, try it.  You may have to have 2 ceremonies like we did to keep everyone happy, but it's worth it.  There's nothing like walking down the isle nude, knowing everyone there is accepting of you just as you are.   And there's much less planning to do for the nude wedding as there's no need for dress selections, shoes, etc.  Ours was very simple, but wonderful.

We weren’t able to go on our honeymoon as the homeowners (we were renting) had gone into foreclosure and we had to start moving right away.  Will talk more about that in another blog post.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I get asked quite often why I’m a nudist and how can I be comfortable as such.  It’s easy- I like me and I’m not afraid to be who I am.  As a child I was never comfortable in clothes and was never embarrassed about nudity.

I grew up in a conservative household, my parents were very loving but were not ones to be letting us see anything they didn’t think appropriate.  I don’t remember ever seeing my dad with his shirt off and my mom kept covered up with no hint of cleavage and when in a dress no knees would show. Cursing was limited to the basics- dam, hell  nothing worse- well once in a while when my mom would stub her toe or something we’d hear son of a bitch.

As an adult I was limited by my ex-husband’s way of life and tried to follow that to avoid conflict.  He was a bully and didn’t abide by anything that didn’t suit his way of thinking.  I went skinny dipping once with a group of friends and even though he knew about it and was there at the time he was extremely upset with me so it was easier to avoid those circumstances after that.  

Carla watering the flowers nude
Carla watering the flowers nude

Eventually we divorced and I got married a second time to a man who was not happy with anything.  We were together many years and I attempted to keep the peace by not being myself, but eventually that gets old so another divorce.

Guy and I met in 2008 and immediately became friends and when I was going through the stuff with getting divorced I moved into his spare room. Eventually we figured out that we were much more than “friends” and a year and a half after this discovery we got married.  We had three weddings – the official marriage so I could do name change and such, then we had both traditional wedding and nudist wedding.  My daughter was maid of honor for both and that in itself was wonderful as she was able to be nude comfortably.  She isn’t a nudist but is not bothered by us being nude.  My son is not comfortable with it and so did not participate in our nudist wedding.  I will tell more about our weddings in a later post. 

Guy and I are nude as often as possible, have a nudist group in the area and have hosted such events as World Naked Gardening Day (were on local news 4 times for this event and on front page of local newspaper), had a nude wedding, and host meet and greet for other nudists in the area. We encourage those who would like to try nudity to just be themselves and not to worry about what their body type is, no one is perfect and we all have scars and lumps and bumps- it’s part of life.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Choose the Nudist Lifestyle?

You know, we find that there tends to be 3 views of nudism by the general public.  Some get it and participate and love it.  Some think we must be really weird for running around naked among others.  And then the 3rd group is just not sure.  They are usually curious about it, but not sure why we choose to be nudists.  So let me give you our view on this subject.

First, let me tell you how I got started.  I used to do construction work and would often finish early like around 2-3 pm and on the way home in the spring, I would have this desire to lay out in the sun
and start working on my tan, and mostly to just soak up the sun.  It felt so good after a long winter here in Colorado.   Then one day I was laying out in the woods, in a very private location and thought, why am I wearing any clothes out here?  So I shucked the shorts I had on and WOW, it felt even better.  I was hooked right off.  Then I started laying out naked more, and even taking short hikes around the woods where no one could see me and fell in love with nudism outdoors.

The feeling is kind of hard to describe, but it is SO freeing and liberating to be outdoors naked.  Well, this went on for years where I did this by myself and keeping it hidden from everyone around me.  Then one day, years later I was walking around naked in my backyard and was 'caught' by my Father, step mom and my 2 young nieces who had driven down my driveway and seen me walking naked.  Well, I decided, 'Why am I worried about others catching me?'  I mean, I wasn't doing anything wrong and by then I felt that there was simply no reason to be ashamed of our naked bodies.  So I
made no big deal of it, and neither did they.  I basically told them that I do this often, and if they don't want to surprise me to call first.  I'll tell you the whole funny story in another post, but for now, just realize that this was my turning point.  From then on I didn't hide it from anyone.

But back to Why we choose the nudist lifestyle.  For us, there's many reasons.  So let me just list a few here in a bullet style list.
  • It's incredibly liberating to experience mother nature with no clothes, and preferably no shoes
  • It's also very liberating to do this among other fellow nudists in a safe nudist environment
  • It is healthy to get sun, in moderation.  The benefits are Huge, and I'll try to cover that in a future post
  • Saves on clothes and laundry.  Hey, we do WAY less laundry than most because of being nudists
  • It fosters body acceptance, especially if you are overweight or have other body issues.  Nudists are the most accepting people on earth.  You have to be because you are exposing your naked body to criticism and if you want others to accept you, you learn to accept others no matter what type of body they have.  This can do WONDERS for women who are overweight and have body issues.
  • It is a very safe environment when among other seasoned nudists, such as at a nudist resort.  Nudists absolutely don't allow any sexual advances, unwanted ogling, touching, etc.  Anyone doing so is quickly removed from the resort, (which is actually a rare occurrence due to the know nudist rules of etiquette.
  • It teaches children and teens that the naked body is something to not be ashamed of.  It also reduces the curiosity of children to sneak a peek at naked people in magazines, or through exploring behind the woodshed, etc.  It can also help teens wait longer before experimenting with sex because a big reason they do is that innate curiosity about the naked body.
  • It teaches children to be less judgemental due to the accepting principles of nudism
  • It just plain feels good
These are just a few reasons, and I'm sure some of our readers can contribute more in our comments section.

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Thank you,
Guy & Carla Purcella

Welcome to our Blog

Hello, and welcome to our blog about our nudist lifestyle.  My wife and I will be posting to this blog regularly, so please check back often, and Please subscribe so that we can build an audience to talk with, share thoughts, photos, links and more.

First of all, Why did we decide to blog about our nudist lifestyle?  Mostly because we decided years ago to no longer hide the fact that we are nudists, from anyone.  We feel that there is nothing to be ashamed of, nor any reason to hide our lifestyle.  I know that for some of you, there's a possibility of repercussions if your boss were to find out.  But if you family finds out, are they really going to shun you?  It's very unlikely, and that's one reason we decided to blog about our nudist life, to show others our experiences, and to share experiences of others who have chosen to not hide their nudist lifestyle.

Well, let me tell you a little about us.  My wife Carla, and I, (Guy Purcella) met just about 5 years ago in 2008 and at the time I was a full time nudist, at least as full time as I could be.  She says that she was a nudist at heart, but had never really had the chance to live life as a nudist, nor visit any nudist resorts, etc.  So when she moved in with me she began living full time at home as a nudist as well, and she fell in love with it.  We lived in the country on 20 acres and had erected a privacy fence that allowed us to be nude anywhere on the main part of the property with our house, barn, etc.

Then a few years later we decided to get married and we chose to have 2 weddings, a clothed version, and a nude version.  This went really well because those who would not attend our nudist wedding came to the clothed version, and our 20 or so nudist friends, and my wifes daughter came to our nudist version.  We'll detail more about that in a future blog.

For now, thanks for stopping by, and we hope to hear from others who have comments to add to our blogs.  So feel free to say Hi, and introduce yourself.

Guy & Carla Purcella

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