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Guy & Carla
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

We'll be featured in a Naturist Article for local University

Hey all, this is Guy.  Since we are so out there and open about our nudist lifestyle we sometimes get contacted by media wanting to do a story about nudists, or just different lifestyles and so they sometimes find us.  Well recently a young girl from the local college found us on craigslist advertising for new nudist members for our group and contacted us about doing an article about our lifestyle.  After finding out she intended to do a factual article about us, and not a  sensationalized story, we agreed.

So she came out a few weeks ago and we spoke for about an hour about all the usual questions such
as why we do it, how we got into it, how long, etc.  The interview went well so we feel it will be a good article overall.  She has take some photos of us in the backyard to use in the story so those should appear also, but of course with the usual blurring of areas that you would expect in a public magazine.  So we'll wait to see how it comes out and report back to you.

We are very open to talking to the media about our lifestyle as we feel more of us need to come out of the closet about our nudism in order for it to ever be accepted as normal and not some hush hush perverted thing that only weirdos do.  So if any other media wishes to contact us, we are open to it.

On that not we have also applied to be part of a Nat Geo show about lifestyles and have been interviewed twice now but haven't heard yay or nay on that one yet so still waiting.  If we are on that show it will be similar to the one we just did, but on a national level and on TV.  It's supposed to be showcasing different lifestyles across the US and again not in a sensational way so we agreed to be interviewed.

We've been on  TV 4 times before when we hosted World Naked Gardening day a few years ago so are no strangers to it.  I can't remember if we posted about that before, but if not, one of us will cover that soon.

Well that's it for now.  Hope you are somewhere warm this winter and can still enjoy your nudist lifestyle.  We will be shivering here in Colorado and waiting for summer once again.

Take care,
Guy Purcella