Guy & Carla

Guy & Carla
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebrating our 3 Year Nude Wedding Anniversary today

Guy & Carla Purcellas nude wedding photo
Guy & Carlas Nude Wedding photo
 3 Years ago today, the love of my life and I got married in a Nudist Wedding in our backyard.  We had a traditional clothed wedding the day before for our guests who would not attend our nudist wedding, but I still cherish our nudist wedding as much or more than the first day.

Guy & Carla Purcella saying their naked wedding vows
Saying our vows
We had around 20 guests show up for the nudist wedding, including my wifes daughter, and the friend who officiated our ceremony.  And what better way to wed?  We didn't have to worry about what to wear, we were much cooler, we purposely smeared cake on each other, and then we went and jumped in the pool to clean off, lol.

After the brief ceremony and cake cutting, the whole wedding party joined us in the pool and we all relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  What an amazing day that was.

Then about a little more than a year later, we got invited to be interviewed for a magazine article about people who got married naked.  Of course we said, Sure!  The magazine was called Real People based out of the UK, and although we are in the US, they couldn't find anyone in their country so decided to use us.  We have no problem with others knowing we are nudists so we gladly accepted the offer.  It took numerous phone call interviews but after a few months we finally saw the results and we were pretty happy.  They did take a lot of liberty with the story, but nothing that offended us or really hurt anything, so hey, it was fun.  Here's the photos from the magazine, and note that we made the front cover of the magazine too!

If you've ever considered a nudist wedding, try it, it is an amazing feeling to stand in front of others and say your vows totally naked, totally vulnerable, just as we were created, and no one cares because they're all naked too!