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Guy & Carla
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our new rental, with PRIVACY

My wife writes most of these posts, but this one is from Guy, the husband.

If you saw our recent post, we had to move again, to a new rental.  And one of our requirements when we move is to find a place with decent privacy where we can at least be nude in our backyard.  Well, we found a really nice place that fit our needs for now.   The photo below shows a panoramic view of the backyard.

Sure, we could move somewhere without the privacy and just deal with it, but that to me would feel like taking away part of who I am.  I LOVE being able to come home and just get out of my clothes right away.  And I like doing things in the backyard, so it's important to my happiness to be able to be nude when I want to around the house.  I still can't be nude out front, but that I can live with.
working nude in the backyard
Previous house, Carla working nude in the backyard

So far I've moved the lawn nude, worked on our compost pile nude, hung out with friends in that gazebo in the pic and more.  If you're a nudist, why give up that right to be nude in your own backyard.  I would do anything to have the privacy, but I'm sure that for some of you it's not as important, so to each his own.  But I just love being outside, and without clothes is the ultimate.

Time to go water the lawn, so until next time.....

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