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Guy & Carla
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween costumes for Nudists?

With Halloween coming up, I had to post this one because Halloween costumes and nudism sound like they don't go together, so nudists must not have Halloween parties, right?  Wrong.  Even nudists can have Halloween parties, but they just have more liberties than the textile crowd does.  I mean, if a woman wants to wear clothing that is totally see through, no problem with nudists because we don't care.  Same for a guy, we can wear a costume that might expose our genitals, but no one will care.

Heck, you could even go as an angel with just a halo because my idea of heaven is a place where we NEVER have to wear clothes again.  So a nudist with a halo makes the most sense to me, lol.

man and woman as flapper girls
Guy & Carla as Flapper Girls
That's not to say that it should be the theme of our parties, exposing ourselves in costume.  But if it happens in our groups, we just don't care.  So we can have a little more liberty when choosing a costume.

And for Carla and I, we love Halloween because we like to play make believe and dress up in some costumes that tend to get attention, like the one on the right which we wore to a bar and won 1st place in their contest.

Or the one to the left, which was worn to a private party where we won prizes for our costumes that night too.

Anyway, yes, nudists can have Halloween parties, and if the costumes starts getting annoying later in the night, just take it off.  Which is what often happens at nudists Halloween parties because we love being without clothes so much and are just so much more comfortable.

If you need a source for Halloween costumes, and don't want to try putting one together yourself, consider online.  You can often find some great sales and save big on your costumes.  There is a sign up box on the right side of this blog where you can sign up for a newsletter that will send out regular emails with discounts, specials, and coupons that you would have a hard time finding yourself because this is for EIGHT of the biggest online costume vendors like Spirit Halloween,, and more.

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  1. I love your page. I live nude almost 24X7. Live at a nudist camp near Spokane WA in summer thenhead south to Shangrila near Phoenix in winter. We are having a big Halloween party down there come check it out. Alan


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