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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This is a very appropriate subject for us as we do currently live in a non-nudist neighborhood and have this happen quite often.  Our answer to the question is that we have a sign hanging outside our front door stating this is a nudist household and if you are ok with that ring the doorbell one way, if not ring it the other way… makes confusion and embarrassment a non-issue. We actually bought a "Nudist Zone" sign from
Nudist Zone sign by our front door  and put our own sticker on it saying, "Ring doorbell twice quickly if your comfortable with nudism and we won't bother getting dressed".

The downside to this is if someone is worried that they are ringing it wrong it can be a major issue for them.  We had someone come by who was afraid of ringing it wrong so drove a couple of blocks away and called us. That's when we added "Ring twice quickly" to help ease their concerns.

On the other side of the coin, many Postal employees/ mail carriers are totally cool with nudism and have let us know that it isn’t a problem.  These are mostly women who let us know, in some unusual ways.

I was sweeping our front porch at one house when the delivery person pulled into our yard, we had a drive around driveway totally private so the only way someone could tell we were nude was to drive into the yard.  This letter carrier saw me grab a wrap to cover up and went on to tell me it was no issue as she was a “country kid” basically and was not offended.  Another letter carrier was disappointed when we didn’t answer the door nude as she had thought that would be an interesting story for her co-workers.

At Halloween some of our neighbors walking their children around trick-or-treating were fascinated by our nudism sign and giggled when they told us they weren’t offended- in fact were pleased that we were so open about being nudists. 

I do alterations as a side business and many times customers come in and so open to nudism they are open to trying on clothing items without being so shy as to need to go to a closed room.  A short time ago an elderly man came in to have some pants shortened and just dropped his drawers saying, if you are nudists why should I worry.  I love this attitude and glad its such a non-issue to many people.

I know there are some nudists who chose to answer the door nude to 'scare away' those they don't want at their door such as the door to door religious groups.  We don't do this, but instead we just don't answer the door.  But then again, we have very few of those people knocking on our door.  Answering the door naked is a little risky, legally, as you may show yourself to someone outside of your home, and that is a very touchy subject.  We know from experience that even if you are inside your home, and someone can see you naked through some very small slats in your blinds, that they can call the police, and the police could arrest you.  You might win, but it's really not worth it when we can just not answer the door.

So we are careful about answering the door naked, and we do take care to not let others walking by, across the street, etc, to see us.  But in several years of doing this, not one person has been offended if they rang the doorbell twice.  

We'll tell that whole story in another post soon.


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  1. Well, that's so good, having people saying they're OK with your nudity. I've answer my door twice like that just to get rid of some annoying Jehova's Witnesses, and now you got me thinking that it may be a very good idea to put a sign next to the door, just to warn whoever comes that perhaps someone's inside in the nude.

  2. I have a pair of wide easy to put on fast shorts by the door I put on, yet at times I notice even with this there is a certain uneasiness that I don't have a shirt on I guess. I'm male, so I don't know what the big deal is.

  3. Well done! I am very proud to be a nudist and love talking to others about the lifestyle. Nice blog. Similar to mine, I am doing everything that I can to promote and protect this wonderful way of life!


  4. It is great that you are protecting the way of life. I have been inspired from websites that no body shame since I have been a nudist since I can remember but some times worried about non nudists like my father. Nice page you have here.

  5. Yes , It is nice to have neighbors that are ok with your Nudity. I am nudist my self.

  6. I believe that answering the door nude in a non-nudist community is simply disrespectful and... gives nudists a bad name. I am a LONG time nudist... both at home and visiting nudist resorts. I believe in our right to dress (or undress) the way we please in our own homes, but I dont flaunt it to the unwilling or unaware. Its just poor form. Having a sign may make little difference. Many may think it is just a hoax! Not answering the door is certainly a safe option, but when you need to address a stranger, wear a robe!

    1. We ONLY answer the door naked if they ring the doorbell twice quickly. Because no one ever rings it that way unless they read the sign we have saying we may answer the door nude if you ring it twice quickly. So we are NOT being disrespectful to anyone. The ones who ring it twice are most often simply ok with it and giving US the courtesy of Not having to run put clothes on to answer the door. Some delivery drivers ring it twice and then walk off knowing we'll answer nude, but they likely won't see anyway.

      And NO ONE has ever thought the sign was a hoax, or we wouldn't have published this. So we AREN'T flaunting it to the unwilling or unaware, sorry. We are Not giving nudists a bad name either as we've never had one bad experience doing this yet.


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