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Friday, December 6, 2013

Brrrr, What's a Nudist to do in the winter?

Carla watering flowers nude in backyardWell I'm actually sad to say that winter is officially on us here in Colorado which signals the definite end of outdoor nudism in our area.  It's only early December and already there's a foot of snow outside and it's dipping below zero.  Man is it cold for this time of year.  I'm sure a lot of you are feeling this cold front too as it's hitting a lot of the US.

So what's a nudist to do in the winter?  Well, obviously those of us in the cold belt are pretty much limited to indoor nudism.  And if we can afford it, we'll crank the heat up to about 74 degrees and be able to be nude indoors, most of the time.  But there's times when you still feel that cool draft off the windows and such and just have to slip on a nightshirt or something.  So needless to say, winter is NOT my favorite time of year and I grow to dislike the cold and snow more and more every year.

But we can still get together with other nudist friends for game nights, movie nights, potluck dinners, etc.  And those are fun for sure.  But for a nudist, there's nothing like getting outside to soak up the sun and get that all natural vitamin D thing going.  Other than that, there's no nude camping, hiking, backyard barbeques, soaking up the sun, naked gardening, mowing the lawn nude.... well you get it, Nothing outdoors for us.

terra cotta inn entrance
The Terra Cotta Inn entrance

The terra cotta inn swimming pool
Terra Cotta Inn swimming pool
Tom & Mary Clare, owners of the Terra Cotta Inn
Tom & Mary Clare
So our choices are pretty much limited to waiting for summer again, or traveling somewhere warm such as the Terra Cotta Inn Nude Sunbathing resort and spa located in Palm Springs, California the sunniest city in the US. This little nudist resort is run by Tom and Mary Clare.  They decided to open the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs due to the very high number of days of sunshine per year and the minimal amount of rain making this the perfect destination to get away in the winter, or any time of the year for that matter.  But it's one of the few nudist resorts to vacation at in the US that has so many sunny days year round.  With weather like that you can be assured of a vacation that is not marred by rain, cloudy days or hurricanes and such that you might encounter at other locations. While we've yet to vacation there, we do have them on our list of places to visit.  One of the primary reasons for not visiting for us is the lack of any travel money, lol.  But if you can afford to travel, give these guys a look, and check out your airfare below.

In an ideal world, a lot of us would choose to snowbird, and many do.  Snowbirding is when someone who lives someone cold in the winter temporarily moves to a warmer locale for the winter, then back home in the warmer months.  We live in Colorado and I do love the mountains, but I think sometimes that I'd love to be able to snowbird somewhere like Pasco County Florida.  Pasco County Florida is considered to be the Nudist Capital of the US with over 150,000 nudists living in this one county.  There are several nudist communities in the area where we could live full time as nudists, even walking around the neighborhood nude if we felt like it.  But for now, that's just a thought.  We are considering moving there, but are still investigating the idea.

So if you live in a cold location, hold on, spring will return, I promise.  We will get to go outdoors and enjoy mother nature as intended, without the encumbrance of clothes and to soak up that sun and vitamin D again.

Until then, stay warm and be happy.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. If anyone wants to contact us feel free to do so by calling us at 1-800-786-6938 from 8am-10pm PST. Also to see lots of photos of our resort go to

    Thanks, Tom of TCI

  2. Wisconsin isn't Colorado, but we also know what winter is! Long and cold, balancing high heating bills against comfortable nudity indoors with the occasional group venture to an indoor pool. You're absolutely right, Snowbirding would be the way to go!

    Hope you don't mind, but here's one of our postings from the older version of our website. Just a little fun! (and yes, we've done some of these things!)

    "What do Nudists DO in the Winter?"

    1. No problem All Nudist. I'm all for sharing common links.

  3. Sometimes in winter, instead of turning the heat up, I like to wrap up in something that's not precisely "clothing," such as a blanket. Or wear loose, comfortable garments like a robe or a kilt. (But my kilt, being a simple bolt of fabric a la medieval Scotland, takes a good quarter-hour to put on properly!) Almost any such garment is better than having to wear shirts, pants, shoes and underwear as the dominant cultures insists!

  4. Take a winter vacation to Thailand, it is always warm there and they have naturist resorts.

  5. nothing beats a good pellet heater as it costs about the same to keep the temp at 75 as it does 65


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