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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nudists are Losing Their Rights, and How YOU can Help

We know that the majority of the readers of our blog are nudists, and that we are reaching very few new people.  But we will continue to try to reach the people who have thought about nudism, or are just curious about it anyway, to show that nudists are just normal people who have gotten over our body shame, learned body acceptance of others, and chose to live a more comfortable lifestyle without clothes.

BUT, for those of you who already enjoy nudism, we are calling on you to 'Come Out of The proverbial Nudist Closet'.  Why?  Because our rights as nudists are being eroded slowly by the ultra conservative minority who think it's their god given job to protect society from all us crazy, weird, sinful nude people.  I believe it really is a minority of people who think this way, but they are willing to work hard to take away our rights, and they carry a lot of weight, especially when the majority of us are hiding in our safety closets.

I know, I know, SOME of you can't come out, and I understand.  But I believe MOST of you can, but you are afraid to take the chance to stand up for something you believe in.  The fear of repercussions is Mostly in your head.  Seldom does any of those fears actually happen.  And if they do, you can almost always deal with them and they usually go away once you explain why you are a nudist.

Let me give you an example.  I used to live in fear that others would find out and ostracize me, look down on me or something similar.  I feared that everyone would just think I was a pervert, or total weirdo, so I never told anyone.  Then one day I got caught by my parents, and 2 nieces and it was no big deal.  They just made a joke of it.  So I then started telling everyone if they were coming by my place, just call first and I'd get dressed.  Didn't have any problems with anyone.  Most acted like it was nothing.  Then I married my current wife, who was also a nudist and we decided to host 'World Naked Gardening Day' in our backyard and announced it on Craigslist to try and attract new members for our local nudist group. 

Well the media got wind of it and wanted to interview us, so we decided, what the heck, we'll put out a press release.  Sure enough, we ended up on the front cover of the local paper ( and on TV 4 times, nude every time.  All articles were well written and positive overall.  My wife worked for a large
Photo that appeared on Front page of our local newspaper
corporation and the next day there were some jokes made about it, but nothing else.  She didn't get fired over it, or disciplined, or anything.  The only issues have been that the next day the HOA called us concerned about their kids seeing us naked, but after a 15 minute phone call their concerns were laid to rest, with a caveat of 'ok, as long as you keep it private I guess we can't say anything'.  Soon that blew over and we never heard anything else about it.  And my brother asked me to no longer contact my niece via Facebook because he feels I'm only out to show my genitals to everyone.  But he doesn't talk to most of my family, so it's not just me.  My wife also had one sister upset about it, but she still talks to her sister and just never mentions nudism at all.  So overall, very little has happened since we came out of the closet.

If most of us remain in the closet, society will see us as a closet society, hiding something.  And if we are hiding something, it must be because there's something wrong with it, so it's probably sinful or immoral.  And if most remain hidden, it appears our numbers are MUCH lower than they really are so we are seen as this little group of people who like to run around naked together and have orgies.

How can we change this?  I have several ideas.  Here's a few of them-
  1. We come out on places like Facebook.  The way to do that is to start gradually by doing things like sharing nudist articles about nude beaches, or nudist resorts, etc.  Others will start to understand what you are trying to say.  Then just answer their questions, and start posting now and then about how you've come to learn sunbathing nude in private, skinnydipping, etc.  
  2. Become a member of groups like TNS, The Naturist Society, or AANR.  This shows solidarity and gives us a larger voice.  By having a large support group like this, it shows there's more than a few of us that enjoy this lifestyle.
  3. Talk about it with your family and friends.  Again, you can bring it up slowly.  Here's an example.  Tell your friends who are coming over one day not to come over until after 3pm (for example) because you're going to be sunbathing in the backyard and don't want tan lines so won't be wearing anything.  Or if you have a hot tub, say you prefer not swimsuits in the hot tub because the soaps and chemicals in your suits messes up the tub chemistry, (true).  Or maybe you have always wanted to check out the nude beach in your area.  Ideas like this.
  4. 'Accidentally' leave some literature laying out on your coffee table regarding a nudist resort, a nudist publication or your book about the worlds best nude beaches.
  5. Mention it to your hair stylist.  We do it all the time.  We just talk about how nice the weather is and say we can't wait to lay out in the back yard and get rid of all these tan lines, or something like that.  If they bite, we explain, if not, we don't push it.
  6. Wear a T-shirt, hat, etc from a nudist resort, TNS, etc.  Even a bumper sticker will tell people you support the nudist lifestyle.  We have the "Life is short play naked" sign on vehicle back windows.
  7. Invite friends or family to go to a nude hot springs, nudist resort, etc.  Many people have done this with great success.
  8. Put a sign up by your hot tub or pool saying something about clothing optional, or no swimsuits required.  You can buy these on
  9. Run an ad in Craigslist telling others what nudism is all about and mention you are looking for other nudist friends.  Also put a link to a site such as AANR telling them they can learn more about nudism there.
  10. Put a sign by your doorbell like we have saying "nudist zone".  The sign on the right is what everyone sees when they enter our house.  Most laugh, or think it's cool.  Quite a few actually ring the doorbell twice meaning we can answer nude if we choose. We got this sign from I believe.  We did add the stickers saying to ring the doorbell twice, quickly, if you're ok with nudism.
Back in the days when gays were thought of as being defective, freaks, and all that other crap, it took one man to create an uprising.  That man was Harvey Milk.  He stood up publicly for gay rights and created a movement that encouraged all the gay people out there to come out of the closet and announce that "hey, I'm a normal person who happens to be gay, and I have rights".  If you haven't seen the movie 'Milk', rent it and see what an impact that can make.  We as nudists need to form a grassroots uprising.

Maybe it doesn't have to be one person, maybe it can be a lot of us coming out together, en mass, and announcing on Facebook, to our friends, with our window stickers, etc that "Yes, we happen to live the nudist lifestyle, and we are just normal, everyday people who live a lifestyle you don't understand, but we are not a bunch of weirdos.  We're cooks, policemen, clergy, CPAs and all the other walks of life and we have rights".

And it seems that many of us are realizing this and trying to do something about it.  For example, a Great Blogger, Felicity Jones, has a blog post about this titled

Are You a Secret Nudist as Well?

People Don’t Know I’m A Naturist Underneath These Clothes Are You Out Of The Nudist closet?


These are just a few ideas I have.  If you have more, feel free to post them in the comments section.

In the meantime, remember, the nudist community will continue to be seen as a fringe society and often seen as a bunch of freaks, or weirdos, perverts or sexual nuts if we don't stand up and tell others we are NOT ASHAMED TO BE A NUDIST.

The pic below, by the way, is my current Facebook profile picture.  Feel free to copy the image below and use it ANYWHERE you want, including facebook.

 Until next time, stay nude and comfortable.


  1. Some very good advice. We'll be sharing this on our website and network of associated outlets!

    1. Thank you. And thank you for sharing this. We need to spread the word to as many nudists as we can.

  2. Great ideas. I wish the media didn't do such a great job brainwashing people to believe in the perfect body.

    1. I do to, but now it's time for US, to set the record straight by coming out in public, and by sharing our beliefs and truths with the public. Just talking about it in these nudist safe forums and groups will NOT do anything. But if we can motivate others in these groups to take action, we CAN make a difference.

  3. This page has a lot of good ideas. I think our biggest issue is laziness. I can't even get most nudists to spend 30 seconds to sign a petition to get part of Jacksonville or Tybee Island's beach clothing optional, yet these same people will spend 45 minutes watching their favorite TV show!

    Speaking of the ultra conservative minority, in Ohio church members will be going to the legislature to get female topfreedom banned, probably with the excuse of "protecting the children." Like you said, these type work hard to screw us all over. When they do try, anyone living near Ohio needs to write lawmakers and make their opinion known. (For this they'll usually listen better if you seem like a regular citizen & don't mention something controversial like nudism.)

    1. I totally agree, complacency or laziness is a HUGE factor. We all feel we're so busy that we don't have time to be an activist. I used to be that way, Plus, I didn't want to put my name out there in the public. But in the past 10 years or so I'm realizing more and more that if IF I DON'T DO IT, WHO WILL?.

      If nudists were as passionate about spreading the word about nudism and showing others that nudists are just ordinary people who've gotten over the body shame issue, and why we have done so, we would be GAINING in freedoms and acceptance. The ultra conservative minority is that passionate, and I feel THEY WILL WIN, IF we continue to be so complacent. But it's this complacency and belief that we can't make a difference that's causing us to lose rights and to remain seen as a group of weirdos and perverts by the public. The small minority groups make a HUGE difference people, and we can too if we all quit just doing nothing. And a lot of nudists post a lot to groups like this complaining about how society needs to just get over their fear of naked bodies etc, but YOU ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR when you do that. You need to tell it to the general public.

      Follow some of my suggestions above, and become more active in protecting and promoting this Wonderful lifestyle we have. Be proud and show it.

  4. I have been in the process of "coming out" for over a year. In January 2012, Matthew Neal (The Biblical Naturist) challenged me to come out of the closet and be open about my chosen lifestyle. The first person I told was my mom. One evening we were talking about the resort (nudist) which I go to fairly regularly, and I spilled the beans. She did a big "gulp", and then I led her on a quick survey of the Bible, starting with the Creation account in Genesis. She has accepted that I am a naturist, even though she would never be seen naked by anyone other than the four walls.

    The person I was the most nervous about telling was our senior pastor. I gave him the web address for my blog, and I wanted to tell him in person before he got a surprise. I could tell that I was breaking new personal and theological ground with him, but it certainly hasn't affected our relationship.

    At about the same time I told our senior pastor, I started "coming out" on Facebook also. Yes, I have lost a few "friends", but if that is all it takes for them to part company with me, they weren't much of "friends" to begin with.

    I had an AANR decal on my vehicle until the sun baked it to nothing, and I recently replaced it with a sticker which says "God created nudists, sinners created clothes". I don't "need", nor am I seeking anyone else's "approval", so as long as I am living my life consistent with what I believe is true, unless someone can prove me wrong, they have no say in my life.

    Walking "bill-board" for nudism - no. Out of the closet - YES!

    1. Great post Pipermac5! Glad to hear others stories like this.

  5. I just discovered your blog, and I'm glad that I did. We have very similar views regarding our favored lifestyle.

    Until my wife died eight years ago I was a typical closet nudist who participated in the lifestyle only in private. I never considered myself a nudist. I was uncertain what a nudist actually was. I just disliked wearing clothes. Soon after she died I decided to visit a local nude club to see what nude recreation was all about.

    When I arrived and shed my clothes it must have taken me all of five seconds to get comfortable and realize that I should have tried this a long time ago. After this discovery I've become a nudist junkie, participating in several on-line nudist forums and doing what little I can to promote this wonderful way of life.

    Much of what you wrote in your blog I have written on various nudist forums. That many nudists try to conceal their participation in nudism undoubtedly has an enormous negative effect on our lifestyle. We can't expect to be taken seriously if while claiming that we aren't ashamed or embarrassed by what we do, we hide our identities by using only our first names and try to keep the outside world from learning that we enjoy a clothes free lifestyle. As a result the rest of society believes us to be a tiny fringe group of kooks whose rights can be ignored with impunity.

    Yeah, I know, everyone fears being ostracized if their secret lifestyle is exposed, but that happens so infrequently that no one should worry about it. In order to secure our rights to live as we see fit we should emulate the the gay rights struggle. We need to become much more activist. A recent survey revealed that only about 3% of the adult population identifies itself as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, yet those people created enough public support to have federal legislation enacted prohibiting discrimination against them.

    Other surveys have shown that about 25% of the adult population have participated in some form of nude recreation at least once. With such a large number of proponents how can we not have more areas of public land available for nude recreation and a justice system that is not hostile to public nudity? Not only must we come out of our closets, we must assemble in the public square and demand our rights. Our lifestyle is worthy of respect. We need to fight for what we believe in.

    One thing we can do with minimal risk of exposure (no pun intended) is to criticize every attempt in the news media to portray nudism as less than a respectable lifestyle. We should not let those who belittle or ridicule us go unchallenged, and we must not let the news media categorize some drug- or alcohol-crazed jerk who tears his or her clothes off in public and acts stupid, as a nudist. If we don't do anything to improve our public image who will?

  6. Very nice article and advices ! Keep up the good work !


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