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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Body Shame, like prejudice, is not natural, it is learned from others and benefits No One

One of my favorite sayings is "Body Shame, like prejudice, is not natural, it is learned from others and benefits No One".

It makes me sad sometimes how freaked out the US is about our amazing human bodies devoid of clothing as nature intended, while many other countries are much more comfortable with their bodies. It kind of makes me sad that I have to worry so much about whether or not the wrong person will see me without clothes. I just want to live without having to worry about putting on clothes to be around others as I'm just so much more comfortable and happy without clothes.

I feel sad at times that I can't invite family over, or certain friends without having to put clothes on.  Why can't they just accept me the way I'm comfortable and try to get over your unfounded fear of Carla and I naked.  I know it seems weird, but think about it, I've just got body parts like everyone else, it's not sexual, and I'm more comfortable naked.  I don't act any different naked than I do clothed.  It is Not sexual in any way.  I don't try to flash my parts at you and I respect your concerns, I really do.  But I would be SO happy if a family member would write me and say, 'Hey Guy, I've thought about it, and if you are comfortable being naked around me, then I'll get over my irrational fears and allow you to be comfortable, and will accept you just as you are'.  That would make my day, No, that would make my year. When I'm made to put clothes on at home just because someone is not comfortable, I can respect that, but it makes me feel like they are afraid of me, or they don't trust me.  Or maybe they are afraid of how they will react.  Sometimes I'm not sure.  If any family happens to read this, just consider it, please.  And thank you for even considering it.  But, I'm pretty sure none of my family will as they are mostly not interested in my nudist ramblings and such.

Another example is, Why do I have to go to the great lengths shown below to work on my vehicle in my driveway.  Here, I actually put up a blue cloth to gain the privacy I need to do simple cleaning or maintenance.  And I do this multiple times per week.  But Why do I need to do this?

Guy Purcella, working naked around the house
Working naked in my driveway

Why is that so hard for the people here in the US to understand that about those of who choose not to wear clothes, which are man made adornments anyway, and why do naked bodies freak out so many people in the US?

I think it mostly has to do with very Antiquated religious ways of thinking.  But we have long since moved past those ways, except when it comes to the unclothed body.  Many years ago it was considered immoral for a Man to show his bare chest, or for women to show their ankles even.  But we evolved, and our intelligence led us to realize that being worried about those things is silly.

But I feel we are at the next stage in our intellectual development regarding the human body.  We now are ok with seeing all parts of the human body except the butt crack, genitals and women's breasts.  But my question is this: 'Does anyone over the age of 18 NOT know what those body parts look like'?  Of course the answer is NO.  We ALL know what they look like, and although they come in different shapes and sizes, they basically are all the same.  So WHY is it that people are so worried about seeing them?  It's because of social conditioning which mostly comes from over zealous religious extremists.  Are you really going to let this small segment of people tell you how to think, react and believe?  Think about that.

I think another answer to the question above is mostly in the fear that we have that if we see a person with their genitals or women's breasts showing that this will somehow cause mass sexual perversion, or rape, child molestation, etc.  But if people would educated themselves they would see that this is NOT the case.  People have been gathering for years in large groups with no clothes on and it has never caused any of these problems.  Go visit a nudist resort sometime, even if just for a free tour, and you'll see how relaxed the community is, and how there isn't even the slightest hint of perversion going on.  Rape is Not Triggered by the sight of a naked body nor does it cause people to do things that are perverted.

And, here's the real truth others not in the nudist lifestyle need to understand.  Yes, you may be shocked a little the first time you see a lot of naked people in a crowd.  But you Will get over it quickly.  We've all been there.  We've all had that first time and many of us were very apprehensive about trying it, but after disrobing and joining them, we discover that the shock of seeing all those naked bodies turns into the Joy of feeling totally free, and liberated in ways that are hard to describe.  It just feels natural and very relaxing.  Soon we forget that we are among dozens or hundreds of others without clothes.

I think the best way to describe that effect is by quoting the famous actress Mae West who once said: "Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often".  If you take a moment to think about it, what this means is that you are easily shocked because you seldom see something like naked bodies.  But if you are 'shocked' more often, you get over it.  

This fear of naked bodies is irrational, but most people won't realize this and will justify their fear of naked bodies with morality, shame, religion, or the harm to their children.  But numerous studies have shown that children who grow up in a clothing optional environment have no issues resulting from it.  It's all in how you raise you kids. If you raise them to be ashamed of naked bodies, they will be, and they will be shocked if they see one in public.  But kids who grow up in that environment see it as normal, therefore they are not shocked or harmed by it in any way.   

For five years, Dennis Craig Smith and William Sparks studied the effects of social nudity on children. Their book, The Naked Child: Growing Up Without Shame, is written in part from their personal experience with naturism, and remains a solid piece of descriptive self-reporting on the effects of social nudity on children. They conclude that "the viewing of the unclothed body, far from being destructive to the psyche, seems to be either benign and totally harmless or to actually provide positive benefits to the individuals involved" (183). Scholars publishing in academic journals have come to the same conclusion.

You can read more about this at:

Or read stories from those who grew up in a nudist family at places like this:

So I just want to post this poster I made, of myself, and encourage others to pass it on as well.

Body Shame, like prejuduce, is not natural.  It is learned from others and benefits no one.
Nudism motivational poster
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  1. I have come to think that it's all conditioning. The pornographers, the advertisers, and (sadly) many Christian leaders have done the devil's work very well by conditioning us away from simple nudity--so well it's hard even to bring up the subject among my Christian brothers and sisters.

  2. " And I do this multiple times per week. But Why do I need to do this? "

    Why indeed? I have begun advocating that we stop pandering to the anti body crowd and just go naked in public view often. In most parts of the US it is not illegal to be naked while minding your own business. It is only illegal to be naked while doing behavior intended to cause someone else to be alarmed or affronted. That means that being naked while maintaining your car in your own driveway is completely legal in most of the US. Even where it may be illegal the probability of being arrested is very low. So why are you doing it?

    One reason that nudity is illegal is because hardly anyone has ever seen naked human beings wandering about. If we all go out and get seen often enough so that the public becomes accustomed to occasionally human beings, it will soon become a non-event. We need to promote nudity by being naked. We need to promote pubic nudity by being publicly naked. Why do you put up that blue tarp? Why indeed?


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