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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 14 was National Nude Day, so I have to post this. WHO WILL READ THIS?

July 14 was National Nude Day, so I have to post this. WHO WILL READ THIS?

Why is America so hung up on Naked Bodies as being ugly or shameful? Why do we consider our god given bodies to be something we should hide or if seen be ashamed of? Makes no sense to me. 

I just spent 4 days at a nudist resort here in Colorado around probably a hundred or so naked people of ALL ages from little babies to senior citizens with ALL body types, and no one was ugly to me, or
Guy Purcella camping nude
anyone else there. Nudists have realized that we can't change the body we were given and even if we could, why? Why do we have to have this 'Perfect' body? Does the way our bodies look actually change who we are? NO! Who we are comes from within, and how we treat others.

The people at Mountain Air Ranch are absolutely the nicest and friendliest people I have met ANYWHERE, and they all run around nude. Hmmm, guess what, it's not our naked bodies that make us nice people. And we have simply gotten over being ashamed of our body parts, especially our genitals and breasts. 

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It's SO SILLY to be ashamed of those parts of our bodies, or even our bellies, etc. Learn to love people for who they are and not how they dress or what they look like naked. And seeing someone's genitals is NOT a turn on people. Can you really get turned on by just the sight of someones genitals? If so, you need to re-evaluate your sex life, lol. But if you are attracted to the person as a whole, or in love with that person, then seeing their entire naked body can be sexual, yes. But to say that seeing another woman's genitals alone is enough to turn you on is ridiculous too.

We spent 4 days here this time, and have done this before and we saw less staring and ogling here than we do at beaches and pools where people are clothed. And we saw NOT ONE INSTANCE of sexual lewdness anyone at any time because being naked does NOT mean you are looking for sex. GET OVER IT PEOPLE.

My dream is to be able to do anything in my life without clothes if I choose, whether it's at a beach or
Guy Purcella swimming naked
Swimming naked only makes sense, think about it
washing my car in my driveway naked, without freaking people out and getting arrested. Some have said I do it just to expose my genitals to others as if I get some erotic turn on from doing it, lol. That is the farthest from the truth. I have spent a whole week naked on a jobsite once without ever being seen by ONE PERSON that whole time, and loved it.

There's a lot of families that come to Mountain air ranch and believe it or not, the kids are not traumatized. I heard MORE THAN ONCE kids complaining about having to leave. They LOVE IT here, and the families seem very close. The kids get over the stigma of seeing their parents naked because their parents do raise them to be ashamed of seeing anyone naked in proper circumstances, which for kids in today's environment means when parents are around, etc.

And would I freak out about seeing any of my family naked? No, they all have naked bodies and so what? I might find it a little weird for a few minutes, but if we all acted normal then I would get over it real quick. It's just a naked body. I wish my family could come visit us and not require me to get dressed either. I wish they could understand what I'm writing but I know it's highly unlikely to ever happen so I'll respect their choice and put clothes on when around them. But it also makes me a little sad that most of my family would think it to 'weird' to see me naked. Seeing my genitals or naked butt is really not going to change anything about our family relationship, but it's sad that family often feels that way about other family.

It's a lifestyle choice, not a sexual one. Oh I could go on an on, but few will probably read this anyone, and it will probably only be the ones who already get it so I'm probably preaching to the choir. But if you got something from this post, let us know would you please?


  1. Well no, we didn't get a THING from this post, since we've not only heard it a hundred times before but live that lifestyle ourselves!

    Don't misinterpret that; it's a great article, and reflects what we've heard so many times before! But as you ask, who is going to see it? You're preaching to the choir if only those of us who already understand these things get a chance to read it.

    Mainstream media is largely disinterested in honest accounts of social nudism because, quite frankly, what we do at our venues is BORING. Not to us, surely, but to a media desperately seeking titillating material for their readers it's useless. Nudist/naturist life doesn't provide that.

    Except for that little matter of clothing, nudist camps/clubs are virtually identical to Textile campgrounds. How many feature articles do we see about THEM? Zillch. There's sex angle there either! BORING.

    Well, we'll do our bit to further the reach of this article. Our website is geared towards the merely interested and the newbie, with plenty more for the rest of us. We'll feature this and there's a chance it will reach a few more wannabees who need a little extra push, and maybe even a few folks who have never heard anything worthwhile about social nudism.

    Every little bit helps, right? - Angie & Steve -

  2. I find national nude day as a very good idea specially for the prude american Nation .Good that they, who burned is in the clothing can to see people like you - really free.Naked greetings.Artur

  3. Understand the opposing perspective. Their entire lives, almost all nudity they've been exposed to has been instances of sexuality or embarrassment. They've been taught by media that no matter how much violence, twisted interaction, and sexualization are sensationalized, nipples and genitals are so scandalous they must be censored. This builds a deep impression that exposing them in ANY public venue is “wrong”. Add religion's well-intentioned yet hazardous (and non-biblical) condemnations of nudity to the mix, and it's no wonder people are resistant to the idea.

    Empathy goes a long way towards alleviating frustration. Gives us patience. Helps us embrace acceptance towards others, even with those who disagree.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Yes, it does no good to lash out or get into name calling of those who disagree with our lifestyle. Instead, we should show the world we are NOT ashamed of our lifestyle choice and to educate others on what nudism is really about and to dispel the myths that are so predominant.

  4. You say it well I thank you america is blind to there true selves for most people here God declared his creation good not a shame or not perfect to see each in our natural forum is a beautiful blessing . thank you I love truth

  5. I could rant about the corporate interests who really run this country, or about church leaders who misinterpret what the Bible really says and filter it through centuries of tradition, or many other things--but I think, in the long run, it's because we are conditioned against speaking out about our naked lives; against "rocking the boat" too much with something that's so far outside most folks' experience here in the US. More of us need to speak! And somehow our message needs to get out. Perhaps there will always be resistance and misinterpretation, but some folks will see the truth, as we have.

    1. I agree, more of us need to speak out, and let it be known we are nudists and proud of our lifestyle choice to live as god or mother nature intended. So many people are too fearful of repercussions and so remain in the closet, making us all look like we have some reason to hide our lifestyle choice.

      Stand up, be brave and join the cause to make nudism acceptable and no longer seen as a bunch of weirdos.

  6. This is a great piece. You said it well. So many people thanks to misconstrued religion and unrealistic ideals, they think nudists have the perfect shape. We are a diverse group of people. You can be nude and not lewd ( hope I said it right)


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