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Saturday, June 29, 2019

I walked naked in front of stores and home to make a point

This is a sample of the many nudist educational videos I have shot.  I'll be releasing these as we gain support on my channel.  My intent with the videos is to educate society about what it truly means to live without clothes, whether part time or as often as possible, like me.  I'll show examples of me and my wife doing ordinary things like Shopping naked, Naked hiking, walking through the neighborhood nude, mowing the lawn naked, raking leaves nude, and even hanging out with a Buck deer who stood just 30 feet away.  If you just want to see a naked man in public, do what you want, but this is NOT an erotic video and I don't do it to be seen, only to be accepted just as I am.

A nudist is simply someone who chooses not to wear clothes all the time.  We deserve the right to live our lives free, without clothes.  If it makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you need to think about why a human body makes you feel this way.  But at least, allow the rest of us to not be arrested for living our lives, our way.  We aren't out to shock you, show off our bodies, strut our stuff and it has NOTHING to do with sex.  We simply don't like wearing clothes all the time. So why not legalize it?

IMPORTANT: Due to YouTubes penchant for closing down nudist channels, be sure to follow us on Vimeo instead, where nudity is allowed without fear of being banned.  Our Vimeo channel is at:

Being a nudist or naturist is NOT about showing off our bodies, or our genitals, etc.  We are NOT exhibitionists, we simply find it much more comfortable to be without clothes.  We don't do it because we have a higher sex drive.  We also find nudists to be much more of an accepting crowd, we don't have to worry about body shaming, and nudists are just kinder, nicer people as a whole, much more than the clothed society.

Now you can show your support for our channel, on our community, members only page at:

Let me know your thoughts on this and I'll catch you on the next one.

Guy & Carla Purcella

#NoIndecentBodies #EndBodyShame #LegalizePublicNudity #LegalNudityProject #ChangeIndecencyLaws #LivingNaturally

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