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Guy & Carla
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Nudist and Naturist YouTube Channel is now LIVE

We've wanted to use the power of YouTube for quite some time now to reach more people and to show that nudism is not what they often think as well as to show reasons they should consider trying it, etc.

Well we now have such a channel and have launched one video to start.  I had one we shot for the heck of it this summer, but was kind of shaky, but not too bad. Decided to upload it anyway, and in less than 2 days it's received over 300 views. This video is simply to show that you can work outside naked and there's no harm or shame. It shows me building a cat enclosure in our back yard. The clip here will show my frontal nudity but the play arrow conveniently hides my feared genitals for facebook and other sites, so this DOES comply with their guidelines for nudity.

Our First YouTube video.

We now have pro grade equipment such as multiple cameras, Studio Lighting, professional microphones, a mixing board, high power video editing computer with 3 monitors, etc, so our future videos will be much better.
Our Indoor studio and equipment

Our Video Editing Computer
Feel free to share this if you would and lets reach more people. And BE SURE to subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up because that's how YouTube determines what videos to show by popularity and the ratio of likes to dislikes, as well as a number of other factors.

Here's the actual link to the video.

Thanks for the support!

Guy & Carla


  1. You two are doing such a great job spreading the word about our lifestyle. Thank you. I, for one, appreciate all the effort you guys are doing. And your vids are coming along nicely :)

  2. Here's hope that these videos will show more folks what nudism is. And what it isn't. :)


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